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How I Do Reviews

Different types of reviews-

Minireview: These small blurbs will consist of a comparison of positive and negative features, and a rating between 1 and 5 stars. The products or services evaluated do not have to be owned by me to be reviewed, as I don’t have the funds necessary to procure them (:P).

Review: A lengthy, in-depth assessment of a product, service, or whatever, where I go into the nit-picky stuff and extrapolate an analysis based on actual use of the product. Stuff reviewed will be graded between 1 and 10 points.

Überreview: A review, but über. With all sorts of images and stuff. Maybe video.

Other factors-

Opinions Expressed: Most of my minireviews contain a small opinion blurb alongside the comparison, but are otherwise objective. “Normal” reviews, as they are more lengthy and less a list of features, may be more opinionated, in that the more eloquent writing style may convey some opinions. Of course, all reviews will have certain standards, and I doubt that opinion will be a problem in the future.

The Subject Matter: As I hope you are aware, I like tech. Most, if not all of these reviews, mini or otherwise, will therefore pertain to this field. Things involved may include phones, apps, operating systems, online services, video games, and more. If that stuff interests you, then follow Tumbl THIS here on Tumblr, and follow me, @Jaiter77 on Twitter.



The war has begun.

Contenders and their main flaws and positive features:


-iPad 2: A distinct lack of openness, good improvements. 

-Motorola Xoom: Too pricey, needs to be thinner, faster, etc. to compete with iPad 2.

-HP Touchpad: Needs to stand out more, great OS.

-RIM Whatevertabthing: Not even.

Based on features, hardware, OS, feel, etc. for price. Lineup subject to change. Hopefully.

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